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After all she already accomplished her primary mission.

Her son did, in fact, meet a woman through the site and they have been dating for about a year.

"If one joins a meetup, he or she can regularly encounter some of the same people over time with no awkwardness of a blind date," Woodruff says.

"Relationships can develop more naturally," adds Dan Wright, a 30-something entrepreneur who attends a similar meetup in Orlando, Fla."It's a lot less stressful -- you're not on a date with anyone." Facebook also has pages devoted to single entrepreneurs, including one called -- simply -- Single Entrepreneurs.

While the service is still in its infancy with about 250 members, Kelly is looking to sell it and get into other entrepreneurial ambitions.

As always, you can listen to the episode below, and follow along with Bradford’s interview, too. To start things off, we have talked about The League on the episode, but maybe you can give us the amended history, like when you started it, where you’re based, what The League’s mission actually is for people who don’t have a clear idea. This was my first time jumping into the dating scene, and I didn’t like it, so I decided to build my own dating scene, I guess.

While you’re at it, subscribe to the show anywhere you typically get your podcasts. Kaitlyn Tiffany: I especially want to know where the name came from. We launched in San Francisco and then ended up raising some funding, rebuilt the whole app in the next year, and then launched in New York as our second market in May 2015. I don’t like to use the word elite or successful because I think there is a lot of stigma associated to that, but to really date someone that shared that same value.

"She's not an entrepreneur but was interested in meeting someone goal-oriented and thought an entrepreneur would be an interesting match," Kelly says.

"She is amazingly supportive and quite patient with my son's demanding work schedule, I guess she knew what she was getting herself into." While some business owners are banking on the business of love, others are connecting with like-minded single entrepreneurs through social networks.

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Kurtz uses a freemium business model, so he makes money if members choose to upgrade from the free basic membership.

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