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Chrave."Caramel Creams Kisses" is the long overdue sequel to my first Chrave story, "Cotton Candy Kisses." If you haven't read that one, or if you would like to read it again before you begin reading its sequel, just click on my name, Allison Lindsay, and you can access the story via my profile.

The kind of eerie composure that often accompanies anger.

A pair of shriveled hands advances in Chelsea's direction, the fingernails coated with pearly purple polish, chipped and peeling. have become synonymous, interchangeable, inextricable. Raven watches as a soap bubble dislodges from the frothy mass and bounces along the air molecules.

Raven uses her hands to shield Chelsea's eyes and prevent the watermelon-scented shampoo from inducing tears. Raven loves the way Chelsea smiles, sunny and radiant. And the way she smells, a synthesis of apricots and cinnamon. And she loves the way Chelsea hugs her and kisses her and makes love to her. The curve of the bubble reflects a prism, reminiscent of the kind of rainbows that appear in the sky after a downpour. The redhead is not there at the moment, but she is on her way.

" Raven and Chelsea can you go do the dishes please? Chelsea whispers in his ear and then he busts out laughing.

" So, raven how are you going to tell your parents and devon that you are pregnant? " Whatever you say watermolon" said Chelsea while still laughing. " asked Randy while putting some dirty dishes in the sink.

"I think I'm starting to rub off on you, girl.""Starting? "You've been rubbing up on me for a month now.""I didn't say rubbing up, Chels. " the psychic queries, placing her undergarments on top of the bedspread."Mmm-hmm. Chelsea joins her, sliding the box of caramel creams onto the coffee table and sidling up to Raven."Hey, Eddie," the psychic greets the third member of the trio. The psychic groans in frustration as she returns to the present."What, Rae? " her girlfriend asks, placing a hand on Raven's knee."Yeah. "We better hide these from Eddie," she says, taking the box from her girlfriend and sliding it under the couch. Probably eats in his sleep, too, you know what I'm say-""Rae."Raven looks to her left and sees Chelsea leaning toward her, lips puckered and ready for action. Although, technically, jaybirds aren't naked; they've got feathers. Reaching her bureau, she pulls open the top drawer and begins sifting through its contents. ""Coming," Chelsea chirps, and skips into the bedroom. As she is about to reply, she notices that the redhead is concealing something behind her back. ""Wheezy," Chelsea informs her companion, holding him in plain view, "has been ab-duck-ted. And technically, they're not jaybirds; they're just jays… No.""Rae, how can you both be coming at the same ti… Her back to the redhead, Raven removes the clip from her hair, causing her streamer-curly tresses to flop onto her shoulders. YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Raven and Devon have been dating for 2 yrs now. How will her parents react, and what will Devon do and say? " Nicki, you are performing in 30 minutes" said Nikko ( her manger) " Ok, well guys i have to get ready" said Nicki. A few minutes later Nicki Minaj performed Super Bass.

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Raven squeezes the toy's midsection, releasing a puff of air from the circular hole punctured in its underside.

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