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your teenager has started dating or has begun showing interest in dating. This teen dating experience could be disastrous, or it could be a great time in both of your lives.

I’m sure you remember when you first starting having an interest in dating someone.

This means you can’t overreact when they do come to you, or next time they won’t let you know what’s going on.

If communication isn’t your strong suit when it comes to your teenager, try this “Dates With Parents” idea that I do with my kids!

Along the way, I’ve been jotting down some tips for when your teen starts dating so that I could help other parents out. these relationships are so real to them in every way, and it is the time to show them how a healthy relationship works, and help them through this time in their life.I know, it kind of contradicts everything we’ve taught them in the past.However, if they are in an uncomfortable situation like this, their number one priority should be getting out of there and being safe.Your trips to the mall or movie theater, meeting their parents or siblings, hanging out at the park…infatuated with this person you’ve been spending your time with.

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