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I'm pretty sure that his own parents have forgotten what he looks like. I really don't understand this class." "No can do, Frankie," I grinned back. Doesn't seem like a year ago that you went on a date with that creep from our class." "It was over a year ago," I muttered quietly. "I'm gonna go home and do my homework." I found myself incredibly surprised that Frankie was actually going to go back to his own house.I threw my backpack onto the floor, waved hello to Bob and made my way upstairs to find Frankie sat on my bed, Chemistry book in hand. "Shut up Frankie, I never mock you for your love life! I mean, he stayed there most weeknights, but at the weekend he slept over at my place and he spent every waking hour here, usually just running back over there to sleep, only to come back first thing in the morning. Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .Gerard Way has shared a ‘heartbroken’ message after hearing the news of his former My Chemical Romance bandmate Frank Iero being involved in a ‘serious’ bus crash.I laughed to myself, thinking about how Frankie and I basically lived together. This guy was pale, incredibly nerdy looking and incredibly shy. "I-I didn't know that Frank was your boyfriend." "We're just friends! I was the complete opposite, averaging around one short romance every other year or something like that."H-hey." I turned around to see the guy I had told Bob about- what was his name? "Hey...." I said, deciding not to say his name in case I had remembered it wrongly. " I exclaimed, rolling my eyes and laughing to myself. Frankie mocked me continously for being unlucky in love, but I constantly told him that I'd rather be unlucky in love than have loads of girlfriends like him.I warned him that one day he would get a bad reputation, but somehow he managed to maintain a good one whilst still dating loads of girls.I guess he never cheated- when he had a girlfriend he would treat them like royalty, but for some reason, they never lasted.

Mikey Way was born in Kearny, New Jersey to Donna Lee (née Rush) and Donald the states and Canada so we did proper shows, and I like that!#Happiest Place On Earf Disney world is a lot like the real world; 6billion people all stepping on each other pretending they are the only ones who matter, but in Disney they all dress like professional golfers on acid.The two did have a bit of a fight on stage during a projekt rev tour.Frank went to hug Gerard and fell, knocking Gerard to the floor. Bob Bryar is the drummer, and he replaced drummer, Matt, after Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

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