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The user will be lost and do things they are not supposed to, you can bet on it.When the user users the application incorrectly, what will break and how bad.Please let us know via video(at)msu_ru if you are interested in acquiring a license for such filters or making a custom R&D project on video processing, compression, computer vision.The test cases are viewed from a user-friendly point of view.D Requisites of Kashmirology We Owe it to Our Language The Language, Origin and Development The Literature The Task Ahead An Outline of the Growth of Various Forms in Kashmiri Literature Epics Romanticism Lyrics Folk Lore Devotional Poetry Mysticism Humour Shahr Ashobe Ladishah Elegy (Marthiya or Marsiya) Quatrains (Rubaiyat) and Couplets (Qitaat) Free Verse and Blank Verse Prose Sahitya Akademi Award Winning Works Novel Criticism Drama Pearls of Mystic Poetry in Kashmiri Growth of Opera in Kashmir Buddhist Themes in Kashmiri Literature Various sects, scholars and Buddhist architecture in Kashmir Survivals of Buddhist practices in Kashmir society Buddhist ideas in old Kashmiri Literature; Lal Ded Nund Risi the great patron saint KASHMIR NEWS NETWORK (KNN) vii 28.5 Kashmiri mysticism - Sunya Vada Buddhist ideas in Kashmiri Poetry Modern poetry and drama on Buddhist themes Modern Fiction Buddhist values combined with human values The Kashmiri Alphabet Stimulating the use of Kashmiri In Cyber Times A Challenging Historical Legacy Actions for the Future Supporting Factors Conclusions Kashmiri Pandits in Cyberspace: Introduction Kashmiri Language and its Script Kashmiri Language and its Script KOA, KIN and Kpnet Web sites A List of Kashmiri Journals from J&K Preserving Our Identity : Role Of The Mother Tongue Rising from the ashes Turbulence, a blessing in disguise Mother-tongue, a casuality Crisis of our own making Alienation from the Kashmiri ethos Access to Kashmiri Literature and Music Problem of the script Why Kashmiri?What was forgotten, conveniently, was: once the pupils would be able to read their mother tongues they would be in a better position to learn the other tongue also) without phonetic mix-up.

Warikoo Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation Har-Anand Publications 2.The New Kashmir blueprint had (as early as 1946) rightly guaranteed rehabilitation of all the neglected tongues of the State.In Ladakh we find Bodhi (Ladakhi) in Leh and Balti (akin to the Balti of Baltistan) in Kargil with pockets of Kashmiri and Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu).The key here is to not follow the directions of the development team.They will send directions on how everything is supposed to work.

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