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When tuned and prepped properly the result is often astounding.You have tremendous street cred, Glenn, so I hate to differ with you. Since you quoted Larry Fine: His book claims Sejung products are at the LOWEST category for pianos. See: piano book larry Note that Chinese pianos produced by Sejung and Dongbei are at level 4D, the absolute lowest of about 13 levels where pianos are rated 1A through 4D.Anyway, why buy a private label Sejung product at a higher price from a high-priced Steinway dealer when you can usually get a George Steck, Falcone, or other Sejung product cheaper.Chinese-built pianos from Dongbei, or better, Samicks and Story & Clarks and other non-Chinese imports seem to be superior for the same money. Ask the experts like Bear and others who post herein. I have never been pleased with any Sejung product; lowest spectrum of Chinese-built pianos IMHO.Larry Fine writes his book from reports he receives from Tuners and Techs and others, not because he personally has played so many of the instruments.His book is the "Consumer Report" of the piano world and if you want to change what he publishes about Sejung products, you better take that up with him and his sources.Rather you will read all about the rich company history, the award-winning designs and family roots of these brands which in reality have absolutely nothing to do with the design or quality level of the piano you're considering.

The action was too heavy and the sound rather dull.

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It would be as if Steinway came out with a scathing assessment of the Yamaha piano...

For what its worth, I have played one Cristofori piano to date and it was not bad, for a Chinese piano.

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I would vote for the Steinway-designed Essex Just to put Bear1's quote from Cordogan's, they are the competitor of the Cristofori dealer in Chicago.

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