Getting married after six months of dating

Well if you have been dating this guy for two months not and he swears at you and doesn't treat you that way your boyfriend should, then you should sit down and talk to him and ask him why he isn't opening up to you! I think the question you may want to ask is how you became involved with a married man in the first place. There are alot of factors that should be considered.

If he doesn't open up to you and continues to not compliment you and swear at you then you should leave him. Why would you settle for someone who can't give you everything you deserve? If he hasn't left his wife within 6 months of dating you, he isn't going to leave. If your feelings for someone else is stronger than the feelings you have for the person that you are married to...

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If you are dating a married man and you believe that he is blowing you off now, it might be a good idea to stop seeing him.

A man who is married has made a promise to another woman.

Most likely she is probably flirting with someone else. If you have been dating for over 6 months I would be suspicous.

You do not indicate if you have known her 12 days or you are now exclusively dating for 12 days either way....that's not like telling someone, oh by the way I have a tattoo. well it sorta depends on your age but its really nice that you've been dating that long as most teens only date for a couple of months but the fact that youve been dating that long must mean that theyre a pretty special person yes Pass19saintyou: If you haven't been dating for along time, then don't worry he may just be shy to tell you, if you have told him you love him, he should loosen up alittle bit.

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For those of you who are also considering a similar move forward in your relationship and hope to avoid some common pitfalls and a potentially disastrous living situation (and even a breakup), here is a list of 15 things you and your significant other should do before shacking up together, after the jump.1. Will the person moving out find a new roommate for the person staying?

Articulate at least one reason besides convenience and finances to move in together.2.

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If you are newly married, like a few days or months... I think you should still get to know him better, at least for 6 months. A sweater would be a nice gift, or you could get him something for a special interest he has.

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