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nally feed at £15.000 but has now and only I per cent remaine • TTHmpv whinhlviff Kttmiiw Htnlui » * A *• nnmn TV.. The money, which has been used to buy property all over Britain as we Q as places in Barbados. Austra¬ lia, Egypt 'and Chile, has been handed over in the four years since John Magfl L the district auditor, was asked to investigate the coun¬ cil’s alleged “homes for votes” policy.

roissel] ^Tories’ houses THE Government Hik paid more than half toe cost of grants given by Westminster City Council m allow tenants to buy homes.

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SIMON JENKINS Wjhy does the BBC try to improve Elliot? 64,859 SATURDAY JANUARY 221994 M inistry linked to Westminster ‘homes for votes’ scheme • Millions in payoff to tenants who Sii SSS rt SS THE . In 1990-91 the fund totalled £19.1 millioa,ofwhich Westminster alone received £1.45 million.

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Only 36 per cent of toe purchasers stayed in the Greater London area and only I per cent remained in Westminster.

One pensioner bought a property for £17,540 in Barbados.

: V'T' V 1 But toe Northern-fretand Secretory also moved to reas:, sure thenationafer commun- ity, saying toe aspiration tif a united Ireland, when pursued by peaceful means, was “fufly legitimate". Call for it to end now and for good, as you claim you want to do.

He also faulted again at'toe creation of an elected Ulster assembly. Them once your good faith is plain, we will engage w ith yo u in exploratory dialogue within thro months: What we win not do is to negotiate before you have disclaimed violence." .

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