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The chances of a hacker targeting you in particular are very slim.Most dangers stem from the fact that many people lack general knowledge about the internet and computers, which can be exploited.Finally, some hackers work on behalf of governments.Hackers employed by secret services 🕵️ or the police 👮 are the most dangerous kind, but pose no threat to most people.If you don’t update your software and your computer, you’re at risk of being infected by these kinds of viruses.Hackers can also infect your computer by using a flash drive.This method is often used for spreading ransomware: a type of virus that renders your device inoperable by locking all of your files.The hackers will then demand money in exchange for handing over control of your files back to you.

Many hacks are successful because they exploit out-of-date software.Those contain many vulnerabilities that get fixed through security updates.Software runs on all kinds of devices: Windows or Mac OS on your computer or laptop, and Android or i OS on your mobile devices.When the media covers hackers, it’s usually black hat hackers 😈.The kind without good intentions, who might be looking for ways to steal money or gain access to devices to spy on people.

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Watch Your Hack doesn’t guarantee complete and total safety. You can, however, make life as difficult as possible for hackers and viruses by using these tips.

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