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The second part to this story comes when her guy friend was having a party and invited her. He said something along the lines of, “Well we already have too many guys here.”What?!I would never not invite my best friend (Emile, did I mention that?I write to you today not to pound on a familiar drum, but to provide some insight into the same beat we've been hearing for a while. Straight-up, no strings, no caveats, full-on, platonic friends?Ladies, if a single guy wants to be your friend, that is normal.How am I, her new boyfriend, supposed to feel comforted when my new girlfriend is spending a late night alone, maybe having some drinks, chatting about love and life with this man who she has a deep and long foundation with, who also is madly in love with her?

If you take issue with parts of my article, please don't yell at me; educate me.

If a single guy wants to be your friend, calls and texts you as much as your girlfriends do and frequently asks for one-on-one hangouts, that's not normal. Have you noticed, sometimes, you meet a man, are very friendly with the hopes of becoming friends, and suddenly, within weeks, he treats you like you've been friends since elementary school? Now, let me clarify, because it appears like I am downing the guy. Say a guy meets a girl he finds attractive; they hit it off and become friends. What man would not be interested in pursuing this person as a romantic partner? Why would he say, "Well she's beautiful, and we get along great, but I don't want to date her."The difference is, women can do that.

You immediately jump the heap and are now one of his closest friends. It's an anomaly I don't care to look into, but it exists.

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