How far is too far in a dating relationship

Those boundaries may not be the same for all people.For example, some couples choose to save their first kiss for the wedding day, limiting their physical contact before marriage to hand-holding and quick hugs.I wouldn't consider anything over 90 minutes apart, but I know people who've made relationships work while being several hours away from each other.I know one couple who eventually got married despite one being in Illinois and the other in Massachusetts (they met online as well).I feel like they're outliers though, because he had the money/time to see her semi-regularly I ask because a friend's boyfriend just landed a job in another state, with 11 hours of driving separating them.She's still in school, and neither one is really in any financial position to visit that often.So being able to travel to see each other is a real need.

Whatever we would not do with Jesus watching is best to avoid altogether.But by exploiting words and images, we violate moral purity without ever physically touching the person. We have sinned when we intentionally create lust in another, whether through improper clothing, flirtatious behavior, or physically touching body parts that are not ours to enjoy.An engaged couple who enjoy a long, passionate kiss before parting for the evening may not be sinning if their desires are pure and the kiss is an expression of selfless love.” And better still is the Christian who wonders, “How can I protect the purity of the person I am dating? All sexual expression was designed by God for the marriage relationship. From first glance to final act, sexual tension builds with every step, so the “too far” point is wherever that expression changes from showing affection to desiring sin.Sin begins in the heart, so, rather than just evaluating outward actions for their appropriateness, we should evaluate our heart motives.

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I know several long distance relationships failed because one of them just wasn’t in it.

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