Inpotence and dating

At least 10 years ago, when our son was about two, would be the last time.Please believe me when I say I have tried many many things - talking, turning him on, weekend’s away, Viagra, etc.

Recently a 23 year old client described a typical scenario with his fiancée, with whom he has a long distance relationship. I feel like all the blood is draining from my body.

I’m not comfortable diagnosing erection problems as “erectile dysfunction.” I hate labeling, and the “dys” implies failure and the overwhelming shame that goes along with it.

I never click on the links that come with the numerous ads in my spam folder offering “your instant cure for impotence” (why are they sending these to ME? Viagra can make a huge difference but masks the issues that cause the tissues to stay soft.

Especially when the couple moves from dating to mating in domesticity!

So gals, remember that expecting a guy to get it up straight away could be a big mistake – especially if you truly feel that he’s the man for you.

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