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I admit that sometimes I can be kind of a lunatic, and I want someone that’s willing to humor me.Kelli Jette Kelli is a former biologist turned stay-at-home mom. However, there are a few reasons I could never date someone with a high IQ again. Even though I know it’s crazy, I’d never feel like I deserve him. I have plenty of brilliant friends and I even had a three-year relationship with a super smart guy.

I mean, I’m not a complete moron or anything, but I’m certainly not a scholar.

But why is this the case, and what can you do to increase your chances of finding romance?

If you know you’re smart but you’re always struggling to understand why dating is so hard, this guide will help you figure out how you can find love.

He might be happier alone and I’m more of a social creature.

Smart people tend to be more socially isolated but they aren’t necessarily as bothered by it as us common folk are.

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