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If you do feel compelled to share any personal information with any member, do so only when you absolutely trust the other person and are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

If you are being unduly pressured to reveal your personal information by another person, consider it as a red flag.

Be anonymous – do not include any personally identifiable information in your profile, such as email, phone numbers, address, or links to your social network profile that can be used to track you down.

You’ll be surprised how much information even a seemingly harmless piece of data such as an email address can reveal about you on the web. Just search for you email address on Facebook and it’ll bring your profile right up!

However, these opportunities, also bring along with it certain risks – risks, that you should be aware of and be prepared for in order to have a safe, fulfilling relationship.

We take the liberty to paraphrase a line from a popular movie, to drive a point: Remember, even though we at this Dating take several steps to protect our members, we don’t provide or perform background checks on our members and, ultimately, your online and offline safety is your responsibility and should be your top priority.

If you met over Facebook, use Google’s “search by image” feature to check for multiple Facebook profiles using the same photo. Fake Facebook accounts usually have extremely low friend counts, photos with no tags in them (or no tags linking to actual Facebook pages) and photos that don’t include family members, friends, or everyday adventures. Even if your initial Google searches don’t bring up anything suspicious — or they do and you’re not sure what to do with the uncertainty — don’t hesitate to order a background check on the individual. Have privacy settings in place and be careful to not divulge too much personal information. If someone is pursuing you online, you have every right to ask as many questions as needed to put your mind at ease. You shouldn’t need to talk yourself into investing in a relationship with someone you haven’t met in person.Under no circumstances should you reveal any information related to your financial identity such as bank details, credit or debit card, etc at any point. Act with extreme caution and evaluate your relationship before contacting someone outside of this Dating such as email, phone, text messages, your social media account or other messaging apps.Every time you take a conversation off this Dating, you are potentially exposing yourself to risk.If the person messaging you isn’t the only person claiming to have his face, you know you’re likely looking at a fake account. If every photo looks like it came straight from a modeling portfolio, raise that red flag. If the person really has your best interests at heart, they won’t be hurt when they later discover that you took proactive steps to ensure you entered into a relationship carefully. Even if you’re chatting with someone who feels like an old friend, still treat them as a stranger — because they is. It’s not unreasonable to request proof of hard-to-believe information. Share a few details with your closest pals and ask them if they can identify any red flags. Don’t let a charming stranger or single-too-long desperation convince you to deny your gut feelings about the stranger you’ve just met.When you do eventually meet, do so in a public place. It’s too easy to keep secrets — or flat-out lie — when the relationship is strictly online, over text or even over the phone. If your virtual date is a model-slash-anything, boasts about their huge luxury yacht and claims to have invented a billion-selling app, they’re probably lying. If they are who they claim, making you feel safe and secure will be a priority for them. The idiom is true: It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are in any way worried or suspicious about a match then we are here to help. View more online dating safety advice from e Harmony.

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