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"I love babies," Samberg told journalists in January 2016.Andy Samberg is not the only gem you can find in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Co-star Melissa Fumero is one funny lady.More importantly, he has enhanced the visibility of feminist men. His comedy troupe, The Lonely Island, has produced a plethora of music videos and songs that ostensibly lampoon sexism and, more specifically, egoistic and sex crazed men who believe that the objectification and dehumanization of women is not only the norm, but can lead to social and sexual success.

And to honor these Cuban immigrant roots, Fumero is currently working with We Get the Job Done Coalition, an organization committed to helping immigrants.

#trantrumcityoverhere.” Tantrum city indeed, Melissa. While you were sending in your resumes left and right on Indeed, Melissa Fumero had a job lined up.

The former actress of “One Life to Live” said that she booked the role as Adriana Cramer on the soap opera right after graduating from NYU.

Samberg has claimed that he was “totally sincere,” in a talk with, giving me cause to rejoice, for somewhere a feminist man could be waiting for me!

Samberg’s decision to publicly embrace feminism on a male dominated TV channel that indulges in testosterone laden activities that often lead to the hypersexualization of women is extremely powerful and speaks volumes for the feminist cause. T-shirt is not the only positive thing that Samberg has done for feminists everywhere.

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