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After graduating high school, Shawn (with Cory and Topanga) enrolls at Pennbrook University where Mr. Out of all of the characters in the series, Shawn endured the most in the way of loss: To his credit, Shawn's hard luck has served to make him stronger in the long run. In the first season, Shawn is shown to be best friends with Cory.The subject of his family is marginally touched upon, focusing mainly on the difficulty of his father being laid off and therefore unable to afford Christmas presents or even lunch money for Shawn. so she stopped talking to kd and ended up marrying deshawn fast forward to his (kd) amazing map season. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. they was low-key bur what kd didn't know is that she was dating deshawn. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. SHE IS BEING PASSED AROUND BY THE SEAHAWKS THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE!! #Dirty Old Hoe** WARNING HERE PEOPLE ** she met kd in 2010 at a nba game one of her friends invited her too. so jessica and kevin were talking all night ad he ended up taking her home and they slept together.

Shawn moves in with the Matthews, but doesn't take well to following their rules, and runs away.While in Washington, Jackson’s girlfriend Kayla Phillips welcomed the couple’s first child. will all appear in the latest season of Hard Knocks on HBO.Click through the gallery to learn more about Jackson, Phillips and their expanding family.Shawn is in shock, and Cory and Topanga tell him that he needs to commit to one girl, which he attempts, but initially fails.In the season finale, Chet returns, and asks Shawn to move back in with him.

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and now till this day she messes with kd while she married to deshawn.

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