Israeli dating customs

For the purposes of the show, the three men return to Israel for a night of speed dating with a wide range of women, with one goal in mind.They must each pick four women and invite them to fly out to their home city and get to know them better.Ronen, who lives in Barcelona, is a different story entirely. He was with his Spanish wife for 14 years, until she died following a long battle with cancer just over a year before the show began filming. Ronen has implied that he intends to stay in Barcelona, for his business and his family, for the foreseeable future.

And the undeniable unspoken message is that these men want to marry Jewish women.

Itay Makover, a native of Jerusalem, lives in Kyoto and is a real estate entrepreneur.

And Tzion Fadlon, who grew up in Tel Aviv, lives in Rio de Janeiro, where he owns a boutique hotel and a bar.

Yes, this happened to a friend of mine and yes, make beautiful love they did.

No bullshit was lost in translation—which is quite refreshing, if you ask me.

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In the first three episodes, religion is only touched on once, by one of the women, but the underlying concept is still present.

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