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When the series begins, Castle has decided to kill off his most famous character, Derrick Storm, because the character has become boring to him.After weathering the backlash from his fans and nagging from his publisher, who is also his ex-wife, Castle is requested to help NYPD Detective Kate Beckett with a murder case that copycats scenarios from his previous novels (written before "Derrick Storm" series).Martha often adopts highly theatrical gestures and body-movements in her day-to-day life.Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) is a bilingual (English and Spanish) detective who works in the homicide division with his partner, Kevin Ryan, as part of Beckett's team.In season four, however, Alexis' relationship with Beckett cools as she feels that the detective does not give her father the respect and involvement he deserves from her.Alexis begins dating a boy named Ashley in season three.Even though Beckett does date (and subsequently break up with) several different men during her partnership with Castle, she eventually develops feelings for him, though she is reluctant to acknowledge them openly to anyone.

Castle will sometimes ask for her opinion on the motivation for some actions committed by the killers he hunts, such as who someone might ask for money.

In season eight, Beckett is promoted to Captain and made Commanding Officer of the 12th Precinct.

Initially finding Castle to be quite annoying, Beckett gradually warms to him as they work together to solve murder mysteries, utilizing his imagination and insight into a killer's mind and her authority and position within the police department.

Richard "Rick" Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a famous author who weathered through twenty rejections before he got his first manuscript published.

He keeps his first rejection letter framed on his wall at home to keep himself motivated.

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In season six, she returns from Costa Rica with a boyfriend named Pi, and the two move in together some time later.

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