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Most theaters were divided into three sections; orchestra, balcony and gallery- with the gallery being the cheap seats.

Patrons who frequented the gallery were usually working class folk who would show their displeasure with onstage performers by pelting them with peanut shells.

My mother used to take me shopping "downtown" on a weekly basis. I'll never forget the day we were eating lunch when my mom told me to turn around. " I stared at him for the longest time and was so excited I could barely finish my lunch. A little bit adult with double entendres, great magic and an amazing way to connect with a bunch of angst ridden teenagers!

As an adult, I've grown to appreciate that many of the things I had thought were beneath me as a young adult were really kind of cool, as anyone who eventually raises a family does. The big draw was, of course, the band and I can't even remember who they were. Our Cub Scout Troop (Warren-Southfield-Greenfield area) was on "Our Friend Harry" with Harry Jarkey in the late 1950s.He noticed us watching him, and and invited us to help him with the spot.We looked into the camera and proclaimed that Malt-O-Meal was "smooth, creamy and double flavored." We had to use a hand signal for each phrase, and both of us completely drew a blank when we stared out at the monitors.I was 13 at the time, and my dad picked up my first "official" date in his '54 Plymouth Belvedere with me.Bud Davies was short in stature, but the teenagers loved him.

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