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Ed Sheeran is not currently receiving any royalties for his hit Shape Of You, after being accused of ‘appropriating’ other people’s music.

The 28-year-old has been hit with fresh allegations which accusing him of being ‘consciously or subconsciously in the habit of appropriating the compositional skill and labour of other songwriters’. Documents lodged at the High Court cite claims from musician Sam Chokri, who is fighting Sheeran in court over allegations that the songwriter copied the chorus for Shape Of You from Chokri’s 2015 song Oh Why.

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In his claim, Chokri also alleges that Ed has used material from other artists in his music, including TLC, Jasmine Rae and Shaggy.

Royalties for Shape Of You have been suspended until the matter is resolved.

Sheeran – who recently released his new album No 6 Collaborations Project – alleges that Chokri damaged his reputation and blocked his revenue streams, and denies the allegations against him.

Royalties for ' Shape of You' have now reportedly been suspended pending a court decision.

Ed alleges that Sam "damaged his reputation and blocked his revenue streams", and denies the allegations against him.

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Sam alleges that he sent the track to Ed's "circle" in an attempt to work with the ' Perfect' singer.

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