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Meggs writing that "At the turn of the century he was at the forefront of the emerging modern movement" on page 233 pretty much sums it up!

One of the aspects I love about Wright's design is that it was one of the first design movements that had his origin straight from the United States.

At the age of 26, Wright begin his own practice where he designed numerous homes, buildings, furniture, and interiors.

Some of Wrights most famously known styles include the Prairie House Style, textile block houses often found in California, Mature Organic style, and Usonian Houses.

Unlike other design movements like art nouveau that had its origins in Europe and Asia, Wright's design principals was purely American.

(Although he did still draw some of his inspiration from the French rationalist writings of Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, the British Arts and Crafts movement, Japanese architecture, and pre-Columbian art, most would say that Wright's style is still uniquely American).

Many of these geometric patterns were apparent in his print and architectural designs.

On a recent trip to Chicago for business last week, I was reminded of his influence on architecture and design.

He had this unique way of combining his buildings with the surrounding landscape.

Since he hailed from the flat prairies of the midwest, it would then make sense that he would like using very flat long horizontal lines that resembled the environment where his buildings existed.

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