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Thus, this serial number could have been To4045D123456 and this would have been totally separate from the To4045T123456.

The 4045 in serial numbers can also be 3152, 3164, 3179, 3029, 4202, 4219, 4239, 4039, 4276, 6303, 6329, 6059, 6414, 6068, 6414, 4270, 6404, 6466, or 6076.

The last set of six (6) numbers is the sequential number of the engines as it comes off the assembly line.

If this number is 123456, then the next serial number of the next engine on the same assembly line will be 123457.

sodly, you can send off to two cylinder club and get the exact build date and ship to place, then you can ask your local dealer if your serial number pops up anyway, they may or may not do that for you...depends on how well you know them Total shot in the dark but a few times I have entered a tractor serial number into a google search and came up with various info ranging from previous auction results to previous listings for online sales which can help further narrow down your search.

To better understand this number, it will be split into several parts.This will continue until John Deere decides its time to upgrade or to build someone else model.There are many variations of the above serial number. Here the “D” symbolizes that the engine is a diesel engine (some early John Deere’s were artificial to control on gas), and that’s it’s naturally aspirated, i.e., it’s not turbocharged.They can be followed by a “D”, a “T” or a “H.” The issue of how to identify which engines are Power Tech and which are not non-Power Tech often arises.This can be solved by further dissecting the John Deere serial number.

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