Katy perry dating gym class heroes

The doll then begins to malfunction, and Mc Coy has no choice but to destroy her.

However, she eventually becomes tired of being exploited and expresses this in a humorous scene where the two are playing Scrabble (she spells out the words 'krush', 'kill', and 'destroy').

Ace Showbiz - %c Katy Perry% is off the single market.

The singer-songwriter is dating %c Gym Class Heroes% lead vocalist %c Travis Mc Coy% and already got a promise ring from him.

The second version of the "Cupid's Chokehold" is the official video directed by Alan Ferguson for the album As Cruel as School Children and is a more literal interpretation of the lyrics of the song.

The second version is more widely recognized because music networks such as MTV and VH1 play this version instead of the original, and because the original does not appear on i Tunes.

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