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In 2017, Kidman landed a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in the drama “Lion.” The actress’s other recent projects have included “The Beguiled,” “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer,” and the HBO series “Big Little Lies,” which garnered her Emmy and Golden Globe Awards win.

Over the next decade, Kidman appeared in the movies “The Golden Compass,” “Australia,” “Nine,” “Rabbit Hole,” “Grace of Monaco” and “Secret In Their Eyes,” to name a few.I think Kidman is now woman with the most American Vogue covers of all time? Basically, everything post-Keith Urban has been terrible-to-boring. "And then the next, she just sort of crumpled." That certainly sounds dramatic! "Angie can’t stand anyone who’s smarter and prettier than her." (Fortunately, there's no such person who matches that description) Apparently, she finds it "galling that Brad has managed to keep his connection Neri hush-hush for months." The source says that Angelina has been viewing this as a race."Angie is very jealous and competitive, and she wanted to be the first one to start a hot new relationship." So, in her world, she would allegedly see this as a defeat.

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