Losing interest dating

So even if you CAN change your own oil in your car, let him do it for you. Yes, you can have your moments of fear and doubt and uncertainty.

(Or CO-dependent, as the old term goes.)He needs to know that you COULD support yourself financially, and you COULD handle life without him……

If you jump the gun and start moving forward too fast (either in words or in actions), he’ll get spooked.

The best advice I can give you is this: The more of your relationship you can allow to be in the future, the more HE will create this relationship in your future. Let’s dig in, as I show you how to keep your man from losing his interest in you…Most guys are used to women waiting for something to happen in the relationship.

BUT…He also needs to know that you really do NEED him on some level.

That doesn’t mean emotional need all the time, either.

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It’s those times we confusing, but it’s really not. He needs to know that you CAN handle your own life.

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