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Some of these bigamists had no intention of leaving their wives at home and only wanted a sexual relationship as some comfort of war.

Others may have fallen in love with their new wives but were killed in action and only found out about the other wives when they padres or COs returned effects and send letters of condolences to the registered next of kin.

Despite the dangers of Normandy and the advance through France, Holland and Germany love blossomed between Nursing Sister Lt Hilda Sharpe and Lt Col Reid (RAMC) They dated when they met in Europe but could not form a more serious relationship due to the war.Some soldiers and officers took advantage of the love of the nurses and during the daily struggle of life and death of war created an urgency to marry so that they could make love to their new sweethearts.Bigamy was a common occurrence and many wives left behind in Britain were unaware that their husbands had remarried without a divorce.Mary had to had his effects over, after taking out her love letters o him.She later learnt that he had also become engaged to a French woman.

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Their romance managed to continue through the war as evinced by an entry in her husbands war diary for the 2nd June 1945 - "June 2 -Course of instruction on dealing sitting on summary mil court on members of Wermacht.

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