Main file updating failed operation canceled main file intermediate

Nov 29 reporting.kahuna.local systemd[1]: Starting System Logging Service...

[Unit] Description=System Logging Service ; Requires=syslog.socket Documentation=man:rsyslogd(8) Documentation= [Service] Type=notify Exec Start=/sbin/rsyslogd -n Standard Output=null Restart=on-failure UMask=0066 [Install] Wanted ; Alias=syslog.service Indeed...

If I learn something I think could be useful I'll chime in, but for the time being I'm happy to test and provide feedback when I can.

Our shop is a heavy user of Ubuntu, but we also run some Cent OS and RHEL boxes and I could perform some testing there also.

Once you have something written up, we could share it around with other lists we're on, retweet your post asking for help on Twitter, etc.

I hope to learn this year what I'll need to start building packages for some minor scripts/etc that I maintain, but probably nothing at the level you guys are working at.

-- Subject: Unit rsyslog.service has begun start-up -- Defined-By: systemd -- Support: -- -- Unit rsyslog.service has begun starting up.

When I click receive a file on the computer and send the file from the phone the phone shows the file being sent; the computer shows it being received - progress bars for both devices. This is from journalctl -xe Nov 29 ms1.p.systemd[1]: rsyslog.service start operation timed out. Nov 29 ms1.p.systemd[1]: Failed to start System Logging Service.The server was also rebooted a few minutes ago that did not solve a [email protected]: unrelated side-note: we are looking for several years now for folks who would like to help with the packaging, as our best effort for sure is just that - best effort from folks who do not know precisely what they are doing.If you're short-handed on staff/volunteers who have packaging expertise, perhaps have someone write-up exactly what it is that you're looking for and post/share it prominently (e.g., perhaps you're covered well on Ubuntu, but need Debian and Cent OS depth).

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