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The conviction of another Australian archbishop, Philip Wilson, was overturned by an appeals court, and sources believe the case of Cardinal Pell could follow suit.

Pope Francis “granted Cardinal Pell a leave of absence so he could defend himself from the accusations” on June 29, 2017.

#IWD2019 2019 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY MELBOURNE POLITICAL DEMANDS We demand: Justice for First Nations peoples, Indigenous workers’ rights, and land rights An end to all forms of violence against women and children An end to all imperialist wars An end to racism Access to permanent residence and citizenship rights for all refugees and migrant workers Secure and decent employment for all, and equal pay for equal work A living wage for all women in all industries The right to organise unions and take collective action, including industrial action and solidarity action, free from violence, intimidation, and legal harassment Health and safety at work, just compensation, and rehabilitation Paid parental leave and affordable childcare Full rights and freedom from violence for people of all sexual orientations Full rights and freedom from violence for trans and gender diverse people Full rights and freedom from violence for intersex people Listen to sex worker peer organisations, and support the rights, health, and safety of sex workers, including the full decriminalisation of all forms of sex work Justice for people with disabilities - freedom from violence, full access to public spaces, and an end to all forms of discrimination Full reproductive rights for all women Free and accessible healthcare for all Affordable housing for all Social security and a just welfare system Free and accessible education for all An end to environmental destruction, and compensation for all victims worldwide The International Women’s Day Melbourne Collective asserts our support for the liberation of all women around the world.

At least twice, police say, the teen was forced into sexual contact with Brown.

Brown also placed a tracking app on the teen’s phone and traveled to Orlando where the teen was with his parents.

Since then, the cardinal has been unable to carry out his responsibilities as prefect of the Secretariat of the Economy, a senior position in the Vatican, and as a member of the pope’s council of nine cardinals advisors.

Prior to his leave of absence—when allegations became public and some thought the pope should have removed Cardinal Pell from office—Francis applied the principle of law known as “in dubio pro reo” (“doubt favors the accused”), insisting that a person is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Burke revealed that at the end of October, the pope sent a letter thanking Cardinals Pell, Francisco Javier Errazuriz (Chile) and Laurent Monswengo Pasinya (Democratic Republic of the Congo) for their work in his council of cardinal advisors over the past five years.

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