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The millennials are making their presence felt everywhere.

They have freedom and access like never before – riding on the touch of the magic screen on their smartphones.

“Why would I want to be a 2 am booty call to a guy who goes around calling me ‘easy’. They’d be so ashamed of me." A feminist friend states: “Men are relying on skewed notions of a woman being game on the basis of a profile picture. It’s no wonder then that around 60-70 percent of women on Tinder explicitly state in their profile that they’re not looking for a hookup. Whether casual sex empowers or estranges a woman depends from where you’re looking.

We can’t give them that kind of power.” Another female friend — making a staunch case against hookups — adds. “Would a man be as open to casual sex on Tinder if someone told him that his mother or sister was on Tinder? The truth — as my friend succinctly pointed out — is that if a woman is willing, she doesn’t need Tinder to hookup. They’re flying planes, becoming presidents, hosting Oscars, but there’s still something about a woman’s sexuality that makes society fearful. But women are also always reminded of the caveats associated with acting like a sexual being. There are, of course, women who are exercising their right to sexual liberation without guilt or restraint, as it should’ve always been.

Almost all his friends are using or have used dating apps; the girls though, are not so forthcoming in admitting that. These three words best define the new dating paradigm.

By now most of the liquid in their glasses is consumed and the volume of the music is pumped up. If you are looking for a date you can get it instantly.

So, it went on to post Disneyesque Facebook photos of Sooraj-Barjatya-type-engaged couples meeting on Tinder. Many women celebrated Tinder as it recognised the importance of female sexual agency, as opposed to coating it with a dose of denial, as our nation is famous for doing.

Alarmed, they swiped left on the ad, disparaging Tinder for wanting to become the next had defeated Tinder.

They thought that Tinder would create a marketplace for guilt-free casual sex, like a of female bodies, ready to be looked at and home-delivered, easier than ordering shaving cream on Bigbasket.

They’d rack up conquests with one right swipe and entice young women into bed on the basis of a few text exchanges.

Sex and love are two separate needs, and people have both of them. Also in this series: Part I — "The Tinder Man" — the 10 guys you'll see on Tinder Part II — "The Tinder Woman" — the 10 ladies you'll meet on Tinder Part III - The first date — who asks, who pays, who gets laid?

They are free to use Tinder to cater to either or both. Part IV — The five worst Tinder dates Part V — When the Tinder date doesn't match his/her photo /*var is Premium = $("#premium Content").val(); if(is Premium == "yes"){ var cookcount = 0; var count = 0; var is User Login = "1"; if(is User Login == 0) var pre Post ID = "2814950"; cookcount = Cookies.get('premium Count'); pre Art ID = Cookies.get('premium Art Count'); if(cookcount === Na N

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A lot of my friends have found their boyfriends on Tinder and we’ve all heard of Tinder marriages!

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