Nhl players dating actresses

Many of the hot WAGs on this list are supermodels or actresses.

They’ve achieved fame and fortune of their own and need not settle for anything less than the best, dating some of the world’s most popular athletes. She is of course the daughter of the one and only Wayne Gretzky.

She has babies with both men, and also she’s absolutely smokin’ hot.

Also for those of us into tomboys, she can flat out ball, which makes her a total hottie.

That’s what happens when your mom is a former model.

She’s fit, she’s got a gorgeous face, and she obviously knows it.

They decided to meet up and realized their attraction was more than just physical.

Let’s face it though, most of our attraction to Iggy is physical and that is because we will never play for the Lakers and have a shot at getting to know her. She’s a bombshell and he’s a baller, makes perfect sense to put Iggy on this list, doesn’t it?

She just seems wholesome — the type of girl you’d bring home to mama, but still definitely want to knock boots with. 6 Gerard Pique plays soccer for a living, but who cares?You would think it’d be a hard to land a rising star like her, but Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young got it all started with a tweet.He sent Iggy the hashtag #Hot Crush Wednesday and Azalea replied.It’s kind of ironic that pageant beauties have to smile lots, because Leila’s definitely got Osi smiling tons.He’s lucky to come home to this rocket of a lady after football practice that’s for sure.

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