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” Then she hugs me so tight that she’s clenching her teeth.

Or when Camden leans over and grabs my hand and goes, “I love you, Mama.” I just melt because I didn’t tell him to say that and I didn’t make him say that and I didn’t give him a present that made him say that. For me and Nick, it’s seeing these things happen with these little people who one day are going to be young adults, and we hope that we instill in them good qualities.

“She could eat a burrito every day of the week.” They have already been talking names, but so far only have only decided on one. If it’s a boy, I’m not sure,” said Lachey — but he said Colin John Lachey has always been a favorite name for a boy. The show keeps making more and more prerecorded shows and host chats.They have been airing prerecorded shows for the last month! I have been watching it for many years and every year they do less and less live shows.When you see bits and pieces of those good qualities it makes you feel good.How do you balance work, family time and one-on-one time as a couple?

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