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Shahid said that over 6 months later after the original filming they still keep in contact.

Shahid appeared on the show finale last night and though he said he and Nikki are not together now he really enjoyed the time they spent together and that neither of them are off the market for dating purposes.

In addition, the ninja to go the farthest on the national finals course wins 0,000.

Last season’s inaugural “last ninja standing” was “American Ninja Warrior” veteran Drew Drechsel.

"And while we are at it, I'd like to clear up another rumor," the 35-year-old TV personality addressed it. He has his own house, I have my own house, and I'm seeing these headlines, but we do not live together." Nikki recently insisted Artem's not officially her boyfriend yet, though they are dating. In fact, one of the reasons they called it quits was because the 42-year-old wrestler wasn't keen on having kids.

"We're dating, but then everywhere it says like, 'Nikki Bella and boyfriend Artem,' " she said on the podcast in April.

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