Non sedating antihistamine safe in pregnancy

When there are pollens in the air, it is usually termed as allergy season.

If you start giving antihistamines around 3 to 10 days before the allergy season sets in, it may be helpful in keeping allergy symptoms at bay.

You may get in touch with your doctor to ask what your child may do or not do.

not life or death type allergies, but sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, headaches. mainly concentrated in my face and head as well as my chest.well as spotty vision....

View Full Profile Cetirizine, also referred to as its brand name Zyrtec, is a prescription antihistamine that is classified as a category B medication.

In case your child exhibits allergic symptoms all throughout the year, you may need to give him antihistamines all through the year to keep the allergy symptoms at bay.

There are few points or things to ponder: Figuring out which medicine may be best suited to your child’s condition may take a while.

since i have left the hospital i have been experiencing severe dizziness, a tingling sensation over my whole body...

The safety issue must take into account which trimester of your pregnancy will encompass the grass allergy season. (*Note: I posted this previously to see if any other Pregnant women specifically could relate. I've been having sinus problems among other things. During the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was experiencing a constant runny nose. while i was in the hospital they had me on Mag, as well as pain meds and antihystimine for a sever migrane.....

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