Notes on dating a law student

While we continue our historic mission of educating African-Americans, we embrace persons of all racial, ethnic and national groups as members of the university community.

We are dedicated to developing legal professionals and community leaders committed to equitable justice and the rule of law.

In the litigation that followed, one question persisted: how should courts analyze an exclusion order when the President...

Preparing for your 1L year isn’t all about academics though. You’re about to start one of the hardest periods of your life so unwinding and enjoying yourself the summer before law school is important.

Spend time with your friends and family and get yourself physically and mentally prepared for the semester ahead.

Note: The Law School will make every reasonable effort to assure that the courses listed herein will be offered as scheduled.

However, unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Law School may result in certain courses being cancelled, re-assigned to another professor, or changed to other date(s) or time(s).

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