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And Universum has much more than simple rankings in these markets.

It’s a lot of very valuable insights on what media formats that students consume, what are specific behaviors of specific target groups.

Though you may automatically think of France, Spain or Italy when you consider meeting a European man, there are 27 member states of the European Union, including Poland, Greece, Ireland and Germany.

The best way to find out if a European man is right for you is by taking the first step and meeting one. Attend events that are frequented by European men; the World Cup and the international European Football Championship draw thousands of men to their matches.

"The cooperation with Universum has been one of the best cooperation I ever had with partners.

When we started working on our EVP, we were looking for a partner that is based in a lot of markets because we are a global company and we need data that is comparable across different markets.

If you don't want to go to a live match, you can always watch one from a sports bar.

There are also neighborhoods in some cities that are populated by European people, so these are a great choice to find the right man.Websites like Conversation Exchange or My Language Exchange will help you find European men, and the best way to get to know someone is by talking to them. Flirtbox is a free dating site based in Ireland, while Parship is an online dating site in France.You may need to brush up on your language skills, but these sites give you a great advantage in finding European men.There just aren’t enough suitable people with the right skills to fill the positions that employers collectively want to hire for.And in case that wasn’t depressing enough, the predictions are that it’ll keep getting worse.

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