Okcupid dating persona explanation

OKCupid will allow you to make your answers to certain questions public or private depending upon your own preferences.You can also type in an explanation about the reasoning you used to answer a particular question the way you did.When you look at a different person’s profile, you’ll see their answers to those same questions that you answered.You may also be able to see their other answers to different questions, which you haven’t answered yet depending upon on whether or not they have made those questions public or private.

years ago in order to focus their attentions on improving and updating their online dating website that would then become extremely popular in the late 2000’s.

The match test that was created which included personality questions and quizzes would eventually lead to a matching system that would put users together who had shown similar answers.

The algorithm and system that OKCupid uses today to match similar-minded users began with The many years ago.

OKCupid encourages all of its users to answers as many questions as possible in order to get more accurate match results with people of similar traits, values, and characteristics.

By answering more questions, you’ll simply get better and smarter results from the algorithms.

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