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ET time slot previously held by programs hosted by Phil Donahue and, briefly, Lester Holt.Countdown's format, per its name, involved Olbermann ranking the five biggest news stories of the day or sometimes "stories my producers force me to cover", as Olbermann put it.Between 19 incidents between the two sides included Olbermann's publishing an essay on Salon in November 2002 titled "Mea Culpa", in which he stated, "I couldn't handle the pressure of working in daily long-form television, and what was worse, I didn't know I couldn't handle it." In 2004 Olbermann was not included in ESPN's guest lineup for its 25th anniversary Sports Center "Reunion Week", which saw Craig Kilborn and Charley Steiner return to the Sports Center set.In 2007, ten years after Olbermann's departure, in an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, he said, "If you burn a bridge, you can possibly build a new bridge, but if there's no river any more, that's a lot of trouble." During the same interview Olbermann stated that he had recently learned that as a result of ESPN's agreeing to let him return to the airwaves on ESPN Radio, he was banned from ESPN's main (Bristol, Connecticut) campus.

In 1984, he briefly worked as a sports anchor at WCVB-TV in Boston before heading to Los Angeles to work at KTLA and KCBS.

His work there earned him 11 Golden Mike Awards In 1992 Olbermann joined ESPN's Sports Center, a position he held until 1997 with the exception of a period from 1993–94 when he was at ESPN2.

He joined ESPN2 as its "marquee" personality to help launch the network.

After leaving Fox Sports in 2001, Olbermann returned once more to news journalism. Murrow Award for writing on the "Keith Olbermann Speaking of Everything" show.

In addition, Olbermann wrote a weekly column for from July 2002 until early 2003, Olbermann's own show, Countdown, debuted on MSNBC on March 31, 2003, in the 8 p.m.

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