One direction dating preferences

Asked if they can go anywhere in peace, Harry said, “We love it. You know you never expect people to be outside of a hotel when you come out and stuff, but it’s crazy.

"Oh, no those are nothing, I'm not doing anything. He had shot you down once very long ago, saying he just wanted to be friends and deep down, you were in immense heartbreak but you agreed seeing as friends is better than nothing and here you are, years and years later still as friends.If you’re just gonna go walk out of your house and go for a walk down the road, go for a jog, go to the local bakery and grab yourself a sausage roll, you can do all of that.”As for something they wish they could do but can’t, Louis said, “I think sometimes when you’re away on tour, you’d just like to see friends and family more.Sometimes because we’re really, really busy, we don’t often get a chance to play football and do sports that much.”On the best thing about being in 1D, Harry said, “I think as 18, 19, 20 year old guys, I just don’t think there’s anyone our age that gets to travel the world as much and see all of these amazing places.I'm keeping this lovely lady because she's doing an outstanding job." (Y/F/N) giggled and blushed over at you as you smiled back, giving a small chuckle.Obviously, since there was no one else in the room you knew, you turned to Louis, his hand reaching out as if to 'ask for this dance.' You huffed an excuse of a chuckle and shook your head, smiling.

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He pulled you close and began to move as the instructor taught, earning a thumbs up from him.

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