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This will keep you in the present moment and you can relax and enjoy her completely. The chemicals—dopamine and norepinephrine that our brains produce at the beginning of a relationship are not to be underestimated.Say to yourself (repeatedly): “I am not attached to the outcome.” What that means is that you enjoy getting to know her on her terms, and hard as it may be, try not to have expectations about where this will end up. These speed-like chemicals can also drive up levels of testosterone.Some relationship experts demand “no sex until monogamy” which can be safe and useful, or feel very transactional: woman trades sex as a reward for man’s pledge of commitment.Others recommend waiting three or even six months to develop a real connection. But when people first meet, the idea that they have differences of opinions, needs and beliefs can be threatening.Even so, it is very rare that a one-night stand evolves into a healthy, long lasting relationship.

◊♦◊ I don’t subscribe to a chronological boundary; I prefer a behavioral one. Having a real disagreement– or at least encountering a conflict — means there is a high degree of comfort with each other.When I asked how the couple met, they turned to each other with sparkles in their eyes.Alice said, “We met in a bar, went into the alley, and well, sort of never left.” Their story always serves to remind me that when it comes to love, there are no hard and fast rules or formulas.Remember chivalry does not imply that you look down on her or see her as “less than” – it means you value her and cherish her.Third, to help yourself from moving too fast for her pace, remind yourself to be attached to the connection with her rather than the outcome.

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