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Lead researcher Elizabeth Bruch from the University of Michigan had to figure out, without using profile pictures, what is perceived to be desirable. "If you take two people, each of whom received a hundred messages, but person A received them from the most desirable people on the dating site and person B received them from the least desirable people on the dating site, we don't necessarily believe those two people are equally desirable," said Bruch.

"When we talk about cornering the market in online dating, who corners the market is really dependent on who's in the population and this online dating population is predominantly white users," she said.Still, it pays to message a lot of people on dating sites because only 21 per cent of messages receive a response.They also found that it's more common for men to approach someone deemed to have a higher desirability ranking.On the other side, men in Winnipeg, Ottawa and Vancouver were the least likely to respond to online messages from women.This may seem discouraging for singles that live in these cities, but data shows that a little effort goes a long way.

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There are many ‘for everyone’ dating sites, and there are many more that cater to specific niche audiences such as culture, religion, sexual orientation, locality, and the like.

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  1. Its hard to imagine myself being gay but if i was i guess it would be like asking a non-Muslim girl if she would date a Muslim man? The answer is always subjective and depends on a lot of things other than one persons religious beliefs. So in answer to your question, if I chose to be gay, then it's obvious I would date someone of the same sex.