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These methods are for creating, updating, and deleting users as well as for accessing and retrieving user details.

The methods basically access the information through the previously created store classes.

This final step is optional but useful for configuration tools that query provider information.

Don’t forget to call the base class’s Initialize implementation for initializing basic properties properly.

The effect was that our provider worked properly as long as we used the management functions from within the application. Therefore, you should avoid using the Http Context.

Current in your Membership provider and instead keep it as simple as possible.

Any additional method introduced in this chapter is a helper method that you have to include on your own.

(In this book, you will see the most important implementations of these methods but not all of them.

This method uses a key stored in machine.config for encrypting the password.Through the Password Format property, every provider has three types for storing the password: clear, hashed, and encrypted.The Create User method uses a private helper method of the Xml Membership Provider class called Trans Form Password, as follows: user. Transform Password(password); This method queries the current setting for the Password Format property, and according to the setting it leaves the password as clear text, creates a hash for the password, or encrypts the password, as follows: private string Transform Password(string password) If the password format is set to Clear, it just returns the clear-text password.Second, if no name is specified, you have to initialize a default name, which is required by the configuration tool for displaying the provider in the list of providers.Finally, you have to add a default description if no description is configured for the provider.

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