Outlook public folder calendar not updating

When the top level folder is available, simply press Ctrl 6 to view it and its content in the Outlook Folder pane.

By default, Outlook grants permissions only to you, as the creator of the public folder, so you then need to specifically grant permissions to people so they can read and post content in the folder.

They only see what they, themselves add to the calendar.

I have searched, read and tried every possible fix that has been recommended, and Outlook will not update the calendars.

This issue was fixed in the in the January 3, 2017, update for Outlook 2016 (KB3141453) for MSI installations.

Users with the Click to Run installations (most people) will see the fix soon, if not already.

Your organization might not allow public folders or might have policies on how to use them.

You must have Editor, Publishing Editor, or Owner permission to add forms to a private shared folder or to a public folder.

If the folder is a public folder, and you have Owner permission, you can limit the forms that are available to other people who use the folder.

Users have complained for months that Public Folder Favorites were not being cached in Outlook 2016, even though caching Public Folder Favorites was enabled in Account Settings, More Settings.

This also affected the ability to search public folders: because the items weren't cached, Outlook wasn't indexing the folder contents.

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