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I changed some lyrics just to fit the lyrics with the rhythm of the song.

The Muslim conquest reached as far as the Kingdom of Tondo which was supplanted by Brunei's vassal-state the Kingdom of Maynila.

Indigenous tribal art from the Philippines[ edit ] An Indigenous tribal food jar also known as gadur, well known for its brass with silver inlay A chest made of wood and bone inlay Lute , also known as kutyapi Saddle panel, wood with shell inlay Saddle panel, wood with shell inlay Jaw harp handle, horn with brass studs Agung.

Medical records, future research projects, those special pictures with my wife.

However, the Visayas was largely dominated by Hindu - Buddhist societies led by rajahs and datus who strongly resisted Islam.

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  1. These experiences are only heightened when you live on a small, damp, expensive, trash island and its environs, smushed against eight million other busy, damp humans. Sometimes things go well, and that’s great, but sometimes, overwhelmed by the daily struggles and opportunities of the city, you end up thinking it’s a good idea to shvitz on your second date, or you argue about the price of Trader Joe’s tomatoes, or one of you finds an affordable studio around the corner from the other, and it’s simply too good to pass up.