Php pop up window updating parent dating a catholic woman

The List option displays the option values in a menu that allows users to select only a single item.

Use menus when you have a limited amount of space, but must display many items, or to control the values returned to the server.

Allow multiple responses within a single group of options. The following example shows three check box items selected: Surfing, Mountain Biking, and Rafting. Selecting a button within a radio button group deselects all others in the group (a group consists of two or more buttons that share the same name).

If you use Cold Fusion, you can also add Cold Fusion-specific form controls to your forms. The text can be displayed as a single line, multiple lines, and as a password field where entered text is replaced by asterisks or bullets to hide the text from onlookers.For this reason, you should always provide encryption for data you want to keep secure. You can add a custom name or label for a button, or use one of the predefined “Submit” or “Reset” labels.Use a button to submit form data to the server or to reset the form.For information on creating, editing, and showing and hiding a graphical pop-up menu, see the link at the end of this section. Use image fields to make graphical buttons such as Submit or Reset buttons.Using an image to perform tasks other than submitting data requires attaching a behavior to the form object.(Creative Cloud users only): As part of HTML5 support, new attributes have been introduced in the Properties panel for form elements.

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If a user exceeds the maximum number of characters, the form produces an alert sound..

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