Poker tracker 3 error updating database

That’s what being a HUD Master is: you see a number and immediately you know 3 ways to exploit that number.For many of you, if I tell you that a Flop Cbet percentage of 85% is way too high, you might understand this.Then you have to make sure you understand what is a high percentage and a low percentage.Finally, you can work out exploits based on the percentages shown to you.Send an email to [email protected] you’d like coaching, please contact me via email and we’ll discuss how I can help you improve your game.

It’s not a necessary stat because this is the same as RFI from the CO, BTN and SB. Jeremy Thiam purchased the Poker Tracker 4 Smart HUD and I’m sure today’s episode will help him out in his pursuit of player exploitation.For every play session this week, you will look at that ONE statistic before making every decision.Your goal is to exploit your opponents at every opportunity when their percentage tells you they have a frequency issue.Now prioritize this list in the order that you want to learn the statistics.I recommend putting your preflop statistics before your post-flop statistics because preflop happens with every hand dealt, so you have more opportunities to exploit your opponents utilizing those preflop stats.

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