Problems updating avg 2016

Uninstall AVG Anti Virus completely from your system using the "Uninstall a program" link in Control Panel, then reinstall the software using the latest version from the AVG website.

This should be enough to replace and restore all of the software's core components and remove any temporary data cache that was preventing updates from proceeding normally.

My desktop computer has the latest version of AVG Free 2015.

When I click here and I click Free Download it gets me here Is AVG Zen same as AVG Free 2016? I have read it somewhere that when you download AVG Zen you will get all features that are in the paid version free for 30 days.

Alternatively, your firewall might be incorrectly marking AVG updates as potential security threats and preventing them from coming through.

Make sure you are only running one anti-virus tool on your system and that AVG Anti Virus is marked as a trusted application within your firewall program of choice.

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Once any identified malware threats are spotted and removed, try the AVG Anti Virus update again.The problem may be caused by an issue with the AVG Anti Virus program itself rather than anything external.If you've previously canceled an update partway through, for example, it can interfere with future updates.If the problem still persists, uninstall AVG, run the removal tool and re-install again.So a few months ago I went to a website that I use daily and all of a sudden Threat secured popped up URL: Phishing.

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Temporary files can also be cleaned from AVG manually through the advanced settings menu.

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