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With Cloud Functions, you can handle events in the Firebase Realtime Database with no need to update client code.Cloud Functions lets you run database operations with full administrative privileges, and ensures that each change to the database is processed individually.

Having logging in you’ll be able to see the following message: You’re being asked to select the Firebase project you would like to use for the Firebase Cloud Functions project.Distance between the location of the Firestore instance and the location of the function can create significant network latency.To optimize performance, consider specifying the function location where applicable.The Cloud Functions for Firebase SDK exports a If you don't have a project enabled for Cloud Functions for Firebase yet, then read Get Started: Write and Deploy Your First Functions to configure and set up your Cloud Functions for Firebase project.To define a Cloud Firestore trigger, specify a document path and an event type: // Listen for changes in all documents in the 'users' collection and all subcollections Multiple Wildcards = functions.firestore .document('users///') Write((change, context) = When a function is triggered, it provides a snapshot of the data related to the event.

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You can also select the entry [create a new project] if you would like to add a new Firebase project to your account: The next question you’re being asked is “Do you want to install dependencies with npm now? As we would like to add all necessary dependencies you need to say “Y” here or simply hit return as “Y” is the default setting.

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