Rules for dating a hockey player

Update (9/23/14): The Flyers have eliminated their ice girls team, according to Deadspin.At the Flyers’ first preseason game yesterday, 12 men in orange jackets cleaned the ice—and were booed by the fans.After games, the cheer team would often go to a restaurant across the street from a stadium.“There was always someone who was on alert, making sure the coast was clear,” recalled a former Kings ice girl.To prevent rumors from starting, the ice girls were instructed to make sure they weren’t in the same place as the players outside of work.

Another ice girl befriended a woman who sold hot dogs and snuck her into the back room of her concession area so that she could eat.

Update (10/1/14): After eliminating the team, the Flyers announced at a game last night that the ice girls are returning.

Auditions will take place this weekend, and the ice team will appear at the October 9 game.

I also caught up with three former Flyers women, who cheered for the Philly team between 2009 and the present.

Their impressions varied: One woman called it “the best experience of my life” while more than one likened some aspects of it to “torture.” But their stories shared several common elements: When a player walks in, it’s time to go: Both the Kings and the Flyers, like a number of other NHL teams, have adopted policies that strongly discourage relationships between ice girls and hockey players: There was to be no fraternization of any kind, the women told me.

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