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After snagging a bit, the men quickly snapped their wrists back, and soon there was a pile of fish in back of them on the deck.

The residents even had their own sort of dialect, a mixture of Japanese and English known as “Terminal Island lingo.” A direct and often rough way of speaking, it arose from the need to get things done quickly while fishing. Although Goodrich had designed the harbor in a way he hoped would take the smell of the canneries to the sea, residents and visitors agreed, Fish Harbor stunk.

Each cottage is exactly the same size, shape and color as all of the other—the kind of homes which large corporations provide for their employees in wholesale lots.

This close proximity to neighbors, who often shared a large bath, in the Japanese style, meant that the community was intimately involved in their neighbors’ everyday lives.

“As the sun rises higher and higher,” the columnist Ainsworth wrote of one visit, “the smell of fish becomes almost a tangible cloud.” Fish Harbor was a company town, and everyone’s boss was the sea. Fishermen were even paid once monthly from “dark moon” to “dark moon.” Men, aided by their children, could often be found spreading their intricate fishing nets on the paved main thoroughfare of Terminal Way to dry.

Women made extra money drying salted fish on wire racks strung between poles on the roofs of their homes.

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