Sanaa lathan dating denzel washington

Married Straight Pauletta Washington Denzel Washington has 4 children.

Her parents got divorced while she was still young.

Eleanor, her mother was a renowned actress as well as a dancer of Broadway productions and Stan (her father) worked at Public Broadcasting Service and also served as producer. Then Lathan attended the University based in Berkeley to have graduation degree in English.

She much interest in becoming an actress then she enrolled in the Yale University and earned a diploma in Drama. Thereafter, she was cast for a couple of movies like ‘The Best Man’, ‘The Family That Preys’ and many other.

I highly doubt that Omar Epps wife Keisha would allow Omar to have 3some’s with Sanaa Lathan ( who he reportedly was head over heels for and dumped his wife (then girlfriend Keisha) for the first time..

It’s hard to trust anything that comes from Jacky Jasper so t as far as the 3somes and some of the other stuff I serious doubt.

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